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Toyworld Frankston


Meet Tootie the Unicorn
Once upon a time, there was a unicorn named Tootie who made Play-Doh ice cream with her booty. What happens next in this hilarious fairy tale? It's all up to you!

Hilarious Sounds and Actions
We don't call her Tootie for nothing! As you press her mane to make your Play-Doh ice cream, she lifts her legs and makes funny faces and tooting sounds.

How the Magic Happens
Simply lift the unicorn's mane and place a color (or all the colors!) inside. Lower her mane for a silly ice cream creation and even sillier expressions!

Get Swirly with Play-Doh Color Swirl Compound
With two colors spiraled together in one can, kids can add super cool multicolor effects to their silly sundae creations. The large 4-ounce can lets them get swirlin' again and again!

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